I like how the 450ml bottles dispense the liquid in the form of foam. My family and kids enjoy using the hand soap. We like the smell as well.

I am a general user and just want to give the hand sanitiser a try. I am surprised that my hands felt smooth and moisturing after awhile. The lingering fragrance is addictive too.

Unlike most of the sanitisers, the hand sanitiser from AME synthesis do not have alcohol in it. Since we tend to use it more often during this period of time, having no alcohol in it is really good as it will not dry out our hands.

I’ve been using the surface disinfectant to remove wall scribbles left behind by my kid and surprisingly, it works great!

I also use it to disinfect my furnitures like sofa, dining table and cupboard. It is effective and I feel safe using it, knowing that it does not contain any harmful chemicals that may damage my furnitures.

Being a private hire driver, I want to ensure that my car seats are clean and disinfected to ensure the safety of my passengers and myself. The use of this surface disinfectant is very convenient since there is no rinsing required, I can just spray on the cloth and wipe my seats. Also knowing that it is water-based, I am assured that it will not damage my seats.

I tried using the surface disinfectant to clean up my dog’s pee. Surprisingly, it managed to remove most of the stench and odour of the aftermath especially the lingering stench left behind on my cleaning cloth and the ground.

Will highly recommend this surface disinfectant with multi-purpose!

As a grab driver, I personally feel that their surface disinfectant is both effective and affordable at the same time. I spray 10-15 times a day on the interior of my car and the 250ml spray bottle lasted me for more than a month. Will definitely buy more refiller in the future!

I have been experiencing skin peeling and itchiness for the past few months of using alcohol based sanitiser until I start using AME sanitiser.

Personally, i’m not someone with any skin condition. It’s a relief that my skin is back to normal now after using their products.

Sharing my experience as a kindergarten teacher, we have been trying out ame hand sanitiser and hand soap for the past few months since it is water-based. Definitely effective with lesser cases of reporting sick.

Another plus point is their hand sanitiser smells like when you are entering a spa or hotel. Our kids find the smell very pleasant as well.

The quality of the packaging looks premium for their 450ml bottles and I personally feel they are suitable for gifting during this season. Have pass a few to my friends as gifts and the response is pretty positive.