Why We Started?

Common concerns raised when using alcohol based disinfectant

Perpetual dryness after prolong use

Skin irritation (itchiness)

Skin Dermatitis
(Allergic reactions)

Unregulated & Unsafe
(High alcohol level)

  • Flammable
  • Toxic

A main contributing factor is due to the usage of alcohol. According to US medical
professionals, alcohol-based disinfectants can disrupt the natural PH and barrier of our skin, leaving theme exposed and vulnerable to the environment.

Tested to Kill 99.9999% of germs

  • From a mathematical point of view, 99.99% and 99.9999% may not make much of a difference numerically.

Laboratory tests were run to prove the reletive effectiveness of AME disinfectants against common bacteria and viruses.

Start of experiment: 42,000,000 CFU/ml

Count of Surviving Test Microorganism/ CFU per ml

Adhere to EU RoHS standards

Analysis of Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, total Chromium & total Bromine by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry:


Formulated from Non toxic ingredients

RoHS Compliance – Cadmium < 100mg/kg | Mercury < 1000 mg/kg | Lead < 1000 mg/kg | Hexavalent Chromium < 1000mg/kg

Test Results

Antibacterial Activity Evaluation

Method of Test: BS EN 1040 : 2005

  • Tested effective against
  • Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
  • Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Salmonella Typhimurium
  • E.coli
  • MRSA
  • Legionella Pneumophila

Water-based Technology

Here at AME Synthesis, we commit ourselves to providing effective solutions while making sure that safety and comfort is not compromised.

AME products are made up of pure, deionised water and a strong quaternary compound that we call AME Antimicrobial.

Water-based Technology

Invisible antimicrobial film of protection that lasts up to 6 hours

Stay active and continue to eliminate harmful pathogens even after hours of application

AME Antimicrobial is a quaternary compound that we developed to eliminate pathogens and is infused into every one of our products. With the water-based technology that we have developed, AME products leave an invisible antimicrobial film of protection that lasts up to 6 hours. This means that the bacteria killing properties of AME Antimicrobial will stay active and continue to eliminate harmful pathogens even after hours of application unlike many alcohol solutions which evaporates almost immediately when the effective contact time should be 5-10 minutes.

AME products conforms to different regulations around the world and has passed EN 1040 against

EN 1040 Against

EN 1040 Against

pH Neutral

The Relative Safety Concerns of High and Low pH Chemicals

Safety is a relative term. It can be evaluated on a number of fronts including:

1) Acute toxicity concern from immediate contact with a chemical

2) Long-term human health exposure

3) Safety for the environment

4) Safety for surfaces cleaned

Solutions with a significantly high and low pH levels have the potential to be very dangerous to humans, whether ingested, inhaled, or contacted with skin. Highly alkaline or acidic solutions can cause severe skin burns. In contrast, since the pH level of the human skin is close to neutral — approximately 7.4 pH — people who come into contact with neutral chemicals are at minimal risk for more than skin irritation.

Hence, our AME Disinfectant products are all tested and regulated to revolve around the pH of the human skin to provide a safe and effective solution for your loved ones.

Efficacy and Effectiveness

Different types of bacteria have different mode of entries to our bodies. Bacteria such as E.Coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa can be found in contaminated water systems where sewage is not properly treated and recycled into treatment systems. Other bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus is mainly transmitted through physical/direct contact or by inhaling cough/sneeze of an infected person. With our AME Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser, the invisible film technology eliminates up to 99.9999% of a wide range of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, greatly reducing the chances of infection.

Areas of Applications

AME Disinfectant products can be used in most environments since germs and bacteria is present everywhere. AME products is used in offices, buildings, homes, shopping malls and hospital where human traffic is high and infection is prevalent.